Scar and Striae Revision in San Diego

What are Scar and Striae?

Scars are part of the body’s natural healing process after the tissue is damaged. Scarring happens when the skin is wounded, the tissues break, which causes a protein called collagen to be released. Collagen builds up where the tissue is damaged, helping to heal and strengthen the wound.

Striae are indented streaks visible on skin that appear on the abdomen, breasts, hips, buttocks, or other places on the body.

Scar and Striae Revision Laser Therapy

Lasers are ideally suited for the effective treatment of a wide range of scar tissues. Lasers for skin resurfacing are used for the gentle ablation of scar tissue and activation of collagen remodeling. Acne scars, in particular, respond well to laser treatments. For hypertrophic scars, clinical research conducted with the laser’s wavelength shows further improvement in the aesthetic appearance and overall tissue quality of a scar, including erythema, volume, pliability, etc.

Scar and Striae Revision Treatment Safety

The minimally invasive nature of laser scar-revision treatments means that they are well tolerated by patients, and faster recovery times allow the psychological impact of scar revision treatments to be realized much sooner by patients.

Scar and Striae Revision Removal

LineLase™ is an effective and safe laser treatment for stretch marks that is appropriate for all skin types. It softens and flattens the appearance of stretch marks while improving the overall appearance of the skin. It is a comfortable and non-aggressive procedure, allowing patients to return immediately to their normal routines.

Advantages of LineLase™

  • Improvement of skin texture and appearance
  • Collagen remodeling
  • Appropriate also for darker skin types
  • Minimally invasive

Before and After Patient Photos

With Scar and Striae Revision Laser Therapy

Scar and Striae Laser Therapy
Using Fotona Aesthetic Laser Technology:

With over 50 years of experience in laser technology, Fotona is recognized as a world leader in award-winning laser systems for use in dermatology, aesthetics, surgery, and more. Fotona’s line of aesthetic laser systems is driving the industry forward with new levels of innovation and performance providing superior results without side effects.

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