Don’t Let Varicose Veins Destroy the Rest of Your Summer

It’s always beautiful in San Diego, but summer is especially wonderful because the heat promises more barbecues, more beach time, and more fun in the sun. It also provides an excuse to show more skin. 

We all know a comfortable SoCal summer wardrobe calls for dresses, shorts, and beachwear, but when you’re trying to hide varicose veins, your options are limited.  Bathing suits and shorts? Forget it. Not when the veins on the backs of your legs are ropey and bulging and blue. It’s just plain embarrassing. So what can you do?  

Well, there are a few lifestyle changes that may help treat your varicose veins and reduce the likelihood of developing more:

  • Maintain a healthy weight – Being overweight or obese puts extra pressure on your veins and increases the chance of developing varicose veins.
  • Get your exercise – Walking is the simplest and most effective exercise for improving circulation in your legs. 
  • Eat foods containing rutin – Rutin is a flavonoid compound that is both anti-inflammatory and vasoprotective (meaning, it protects blood vessels). You’ll find it in buckwheat, apples, cherries, grapes, blackberries, and apricots. 
  • Wear flats – High heels put your legs in an unnatural position, potentially making it more difficult for veins in your feet and legs to pump the blood correctly. The results? Yep. Varicose veins.
  • Stand up and move around – If you have a sedentary job, getting up and moving around regularly will help reduce your risk of developing varicose veins. 
  • Try compression stockings – Compression stockings help improve circulation, and may relieve the symptoms and slow the progress of varicose veins. 
  • Use sunscreen – Spider veins can develop as the result of sun exposure. Sunscreen can help prevent them.

When lifestyle changes aren’t enough…call us!

If you can’t get the nerve to bare your legs in shorts this summer because you’re afraid to expose your legs, we’re here for you! At San Diego Varicose Vein Treatment Center, we can help eliminate your varicose veins for good. 

We offer a number of different methods for the elimination of varicose veins. They include: 

  • Endovenous thermal ablation – We use high-frequency radio waves to create heat and close off the faulty vein. 
  • Sclerotherapy – We use an injectable solution to close off the faulty vein. 
  • Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy – We use ultrasound technology to guide us to the faulty vein hidden beneath the skin’s surface. The injectable solution closes off the vein. 
  • Phlebectomy – We use a small hook to remove the faulty vein. 

These minimally invasive procedures will eliminate your faulty veins, and blood flow will be redirected to healthier veins. Then: Watch out, world! It’s time to bare those beautiful legs again!

Sure, you could trust your veins to just anyone, but why would you?

When you come to San Diego Varicose Vein Treatment Center, you get the peace of mind knowing you’re in the hands of an expert. Cardiologist Dr. Behzad Taghizadeh is highly specialized in the treatment of varicose veins, and he’s exceptionally good at what he does. Dr. Taghizadeh will take the time to listen to your concerns, discuss your options with you, and explain your treatment plan in plain language you can understand. 

Great service plus great legs? That’s a win-win! And that’s the way we like it. At San Diego Varicose Vein Treatment Center, your experience is as important to us as your results.  

Give us a call to schedule a consultation today.